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Is a “Book Review” making you suffer unduly because of the following problems:

  • Not having the experience to review a book
  • Missing out on your friends and family because of the load of reading assigned
  • Can’t take out time needed to read through a whole book and then review it
  • Very short deadlines and little time left

Doing a quality Book Review that is in line with your professor’s expectations is a very difficult task especially when:

  1. It’s boring and doesn’t match with your interest
  2. You are tired of reading a very long book that causes massive headaches and tired eyes
  3. You have very little time left to submit your book review
  4. Your professors are extremely critical and mean to give you an A grade
  5. You are working and studying – Left with no time at the end of a tiring day

Did you get rejected even though you tried your
 best to review the book correctly?

The tricky part with book reviews is that you have to understand the title, introduction and the general layout of the book as well as the nitty gritty details of characters and implicit situations. This is seemingly easy but gets very tricky because you are either detail oriented or simply the big picture type.

Experienced Book Reviewing Experts use the following guidelines to analyze and evaluate a Book:

  • Does the book fit its genre?
  • From whose point of view is the book written?
  • Who is the intended audience and will the book prove worthwhile to them?
  • Is the scene set by the author well defined? Does it convince the reader?
  • What areas should have been covered and which ones should have been left out?
  • What did the book accomplish? Comparison with other books written in the same area as well as with other books written by the same author.

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