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To write an “A Grade” Research Paper you need at least 2 weeks if you have all the data and analysis available

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    • Your supervisor is not helpful at all!
    • You seem to make some progress, but then there is a sudden break and you have to start all over again
    • You do not have enough data to include in your research paper

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    3 Quick Fixes to Jump-Start the writing flow in your Research Paper

    • Analyze if all that you have written relates to the base of your paper- the thesis statement
    • Start each section and at least make an outline so that you can fill it easily after you have outlined your whole research paper. Write whatever you can think of at this point because it is the last day and handing something is better than not handing anything at all. Who knows with some confidence you may be able to fix it midway through your writing
    • Organize your arguments in a logical sequence

    You will have enough inspiration to work on your research paper when you try these simple fixes. But do you have enough time and data?

To write an “A Grade” Research Paper you need at least 2 weeks if you have all the data and analysis available


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